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Mar 06, 2009

G.Willikers! Welcomes Silhouette Artist Clay Rice


Silhouette: Clay RiceSilhouette: Clay Rice     G.Willikers! Toy Shop is thrilled to welcome nationally known silhouette artist Clay Rice to Portsmouth on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22nd.  Mr. Rice will be creating heirloom silhouettes of your child or family from 10 - 6pm by appointment only.



The Lonely ShadowThe Lonely Shadow

The Lonely Shadow is the story of a shadow in search of someone who connects with him.  A story of friendship and discovery, Mr. Rice's first book is beautifully illustrated in the style that has made him one of the premier artists in his field, the silhouette. SEE VIDEO


With a flash of scissors Clay Rice is able to capture a silhouette portrait in a matter of moments. It is quite literally, performance art. Clay follows the contours of his subject as if the movement of his eyes is connected to his hands. In about a minute a featureless sheet of paper takes on the uniqueness of the individual it represents. Clay truly provides a gift of rare artistry in an uncommon craft.

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Mar 03, 2009

Tuesday Play Days

It's as tall as me!It's as tall as me!

Our first Play Day of 2009 was a huge success as you can see by the HUGE tower Getting biggerGetting biggerbuilt by some of our new friends.  Today we had big buckets full of Keva blocks (made in the USA) and Wedgits ( one of the most intriguing construction sets we've ever offered ). Every Tuesday from 10am -12pm we bring out a few of our favorite playthings, spread them out on the rug and build.  

Keva Blocks are all the same size, shaped like small planks and are made of smooth maple.  You build structures simply by stacking the planks in any number of ways, creating various geometric shapes but also, suprisingly, structures with curves and rounded edges.  Our Play Day visitors all knew what to do with these cool blocks right away without much direction.Keva spiralKeva spiral


Check out the world record Keva tower.

Stop by and give them a try!


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Feb 24, 2009

The Touch

Hands On!

One of the best things about going to Toy Fair is being able to see the toys up close and in action. Most companies are demonstating their products, and encouraging you to jump right in and play! The Touch "The Touch" is a geat new game for kids ages 5 and up. It's "hands on" in the true sense of the word! Players use their sensory,memory and matching skills to locate objects. It can be played competitively or cooperatively! This multi-award winning game will sure to be one of our new favorites!

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Feb 23, 2009

"Gather 'Round Dinner Game" by Family Time Fun

Let the conversations begin!

Some of our favorite products come from the conversations we have with our customers. This is definitely a great recommendation! "Gather 'Round Dinner Game" is a new game is from a company called Family Time Fun. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet the owners of this MassachDinner GameDinner Gameusetts based business! They have added a new game with each new year of their growing business, and we thought we'd give this one a try! "Spice" up the dinner family meals with this inventive conversation starter! This great new game should be on our shelves in no time!






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Feb 23, 2009

Green Toys

Green Toys Recycling TruckGreen Toys Recycling TruckGreenToys!

One of our priorities at Toy Fair was to look for Eco-Friendly Toys. "Going Green" has been a positive trend in the toy indusrty, and many companies are finding creative and resourceful ways to make new product lines that are good for kids and good for the Earth.
Green Toys is one of our most exciting discoveries at Toy Fair this year. Their Plan, Product and Packaging are all "Green", and they are also made int the USA!
Green Toys uses recycled milk bottles to create an ever-growing line of products. You will be seeing almost all of their products on our shelves, adding to our ever-growing collection of innovative toys that are "Eco-Friendly"
Green Toys Tea SetGreen Toys Tea Set

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